Hey hey!

when people tell me I have a way of making them feel comfortable in front of a camera for the first time in their lives it makes me do a little happy-dance because helping couples capture their love story and making it fun absolutely fires me up.
as a photographer, my goal is always to capture the stolen glances, giggles, and extra big grins that people save for their favorite person. I want to document your happiest + best moments EVERRRRR!
But if you made it this far, I think it’s only fair that I warn you that if you want to work together you’re basically guaranteeing that:
- we will probably end up going on way too many coffee dates (I mean if that’s even possible, because, coffee.)
- I will obsess over every. single. one. of your wedding Pinterest boards
- our messages are going to be full of wayyyy too many emojis 
- I will most likely go and like every picture you have on Instagram *insert winky emjoi*
- I’m absolutely going to cry at your wedding (no seriously, I cry every time)
So if you think I could be your person, lets go find an adventure and capture your wild, real, beautiful love story!!! 

two people being in love is the best to witness but even more fun to capture. getting to adventure around on paths under trees, running barefoot in wide open fields, or hiking to peeks just to watch two people not be able to hold back their smiles from each other is my favorite thing ever. when I’m not photographing my amazing couples you can catch me snapping pics on spontaneous road trips with my hubby, chasing my pup around with a camera, capturing ridiculous moments with my friends, or jamming out while I edit photos… because let’s be real, photography is not just my job, it’s my obsession!!!
i photograph the kinds of couples that are yearning to embrace the beauty of the real, messy, and raw parts of their lives + love. The kinds of couples who dream of rolling around in a field full of poppies + kissing in the rain… let’s bring out your inner Noah + Allie (aka, The Notebook)!! 

Our story

okay we are taking it all the way back to the awkward years of middle school when i was wearing bright green eye shadow and too much eyeliner and my husband rocked the braces and the Justin Bieber flippy hairdo. we met at our church youth group where it was way too cool to like each other so we just played the "i don't like you" game instead. fast forward four years when i finally learned that green doesn't belong on your eye lids and when i finally saw my husbands forehead for the first time after a simple hair cut... and just like that... love at 731st sight *insert laughing emoji*. through the end of highschool we constantly walked in our parents doors one minute past curfew because lets be real... if you aren't clingy, is it even love? three years later, we are both in college and joe started to get real tired of walking over to my place so i could make him food... so he decided it was time to propose (apparently your girl can make a sandwich)! so we put rings on it!! the best decision i ever did make.
ps, i recently pulled the baby fever card and now have the cutest fur-baby ever and life is good my friends!! 

Places we Shoot