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Let's capture your wildest, happiest, moments beautifully and fiercely

let's capture your wildest, happiest, moments

 beautifully and fiercely

before you scroll past this in a frenzy – lets be real for a sec.

i am a lover of capturing love in all of its giddiest, happiest, lovey goodness! i want to capture you and your babe’s wildest, hilarious side that only two know how to bring out in each other. the way you can barely get your laughing breaths out when he does that snort-y laugh thing, and that crazy look you give him every time he makes that ridiculous dad joke he swears is the best of all time.

i am a lover of capturing the pure, true emotion. when you hire me, you are not hiring some who is going to just show up and tell you to smile. it’s going to be fun + light hearted. its going to be crazy + wild. i want to be that third-wheel friend egging you on and chanting “do it again, do it again”! when you hire me, you get me. my undivided attention, and my whole entire heart!! i am a little bit loud and think everything is worth getting excited about, and yep, you get all that too! and i will give you all my happy tears while capturing you two in your happiest moments!

so if you are someone who cherishes feelings over the rules, and emotion over perfection – im your girl! because even though i do love those perfectly put-together beautiful weddings, i even more so love sneaking away after saying your vows with happy hearts, wind-blown hair, barefoot chasing the sunset up the hillside moments to catch the last view of the day with your forever-babe in your hand (i will definitely be gasping for air completely out of shape crawling behind you but i will chase that sun like my life depends on it)!

lets adventure together and capture those big ol’ double chinned belly laughs and your squished noses with cheeks that are sore for days from all the excitement! and your flower girl who got lost on the way down the aisle and your cousins who still come running in screaming your childhood nickname without hesitation and your best friend as happy tears run down her face when you say “i do”! i want to capture moments for you that you’ll look back on one day and remember all the happiness, and all the excitement, and all the tears, and all the totally imperfect moments that made it so freaking perfect!

if you’ve made it this far – im so crazy stoked to get to know you + all about your dream adventure! i am so excited to be your person, you have no idea. so if you’re down to chase sunsets and make some wild happy memories then reach out and lets start planning this dang thing!

sessions start at $375

elopements start at $1600

weddings start at $3200

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